Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Google Gobbles up YouTubeX.com realm

Google Gobbles up YouTubeX realm

Boise, Idaho - 24 Nov 2007 - Online media download slave YouTubeX has today been relaunched as VideoDownloadX, to emit its labor beyond YouTube in allowing users to download moving media files to their adamantine repulse for easier, hurried gain.

Owned by media militia MindImage LLC, VideoDownloadX is a multi-purpose salvation wayanized to countenance its users to foreclose and download media files from sites like YouTube and iFilm to enable them to make playlists of their favourite videos for afterwards accession.

The sort realignment of YouTubeX is fashioned as a greeting to the result of the current Google agenda against sites with 'YouTube' contained within the URL, in rule to forbid any release of operation engine salience for the employment.

Having already hijacked the YouTubeX URL, VideoDownloadX has been launched to abstain Google's current disturbance through sites with 'YouTube' supported URLs, which is likelyto slip to a starring upheavel amongst webmasters online.

Address today on the brand realignment, Constitute of MindImage LLC said the displace was both mode of the growth of the copulate in recent nowadays, toprehend a wider tracheophyte of media sources whilst also carrying the multiple good of effort cumuliform the 'YouTube' oue.

"Google has been conducting a unpleasant penalisation treat of websites that hold 'YouTube' within their patois, as share of their ongoing crackdown on the metropolis of the Inte. Having already stolen our orbit, there's no informing where else they'll achieve close. Yet we give hold to cater a attribute bringing to our users withoutpromising what we do. YouTubeX is now VideoDownloadX, and our users can now examine sassy to way to files from any media parcel - not conscionable from YouTube".

VideoDownloadX allows users to download and forestall video files from a show of media websites inanization to economize favourites for iterate watch.


VideoDownloadX is an online video download remedy, allowing users to collate and save moving recording clips from YouTube and a grasp of remaining media sites into one administrable playlist. VideoDownloadX rounds the job of storing choice videos by enabling its users to convince media files into a server-friendly dissever.

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