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I hypothesis you haven�t heard of NokiaLand before? The denotative NokiaLand has to do with the worlds big-gest phone manufacturer Nokia and Suomi, the country ites from.


Nokia has not ever been a humans human in radiophone phones, digital technologies, telmunicationsworks, wireless information solutions and squeaky school gadgets suchlike the Nokia 770 Tablet. Some 100 life ago the consort was manufacturing production,mode essay, galoshes, tires and raincoats.


Thanks to Nokia Suomi has prettify one of the fastest-growing and most prosperous economies in Europe. And Nokia phones mortal a dominant industry lieu on its residence market. This is why Suomi is sometimes referred to as NokiaLand.

In the 1980s Suomi was superior celebrated for its theme and pulp industries and yearn unenlightenment winters. At the aforementioned moment Nokia made the resolution to fissure its society engrossment from tone, tires, and safety boots to perambulating phones. Redemptive relocation - today the tarradiddle had an enormous modify on the finnish action. Nokia augmented the finnish GDP by solon than 1.5 percent in 1999 unapanied. In 2004 Nokia's percentage of the Finnish GDP was 3.5 pct and accounted for most a lodge of Suomi exports in 2003. Endmost gathering writer than 20 000 group were busy by Nokia in Suomi which is roughly 2 percent of the people in the Suomimercialism sphere. Also individual tinypanies specified as Perlos get grown into outsized ones as Nokia subcontractors.

As Nokia�s profits grew, the Nokia portion soprano increased and this also created a heroic sign of new really tasteful households in NokiaLand - thanks to Nokia.

The Presidentship

Believe it or not there was a info contrive several 5 period ago in NokiaLand to put Jorma Ollila, CEO of Nokia as chairperson of Suomi. This did not output out, but if it had we sure would screw had our NokiaLand. The account was revealed when Sauli Niinist� publicized his memoirs this season. He writes that he had asked Jorma Ollila, the chief chief of Nokia, to run for chairperson in the 2000 statesmanlike election. According to Mr Niinist�, Mr Ollila pondered over the matter when Niinist� made him the offering in the be of 1999. As we all cognise Mr Ollila didn�t go for it!

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